Dr. Szabolcs Harangi's academic keynote speech

There was not enough seating in the great hall of the Academy, so many people came to Dr. Szabolcs Harangi's speech. Let me quote His words in connection with this great event:

"It's hard to find the words ...

thank you for honoring my academic chair lecture by so many have come for it! The 200-seat Great Hall of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences was completely filled and some of them even stood ... Honorable, touching, I had to search for the words in the first minutes!
THANK YOU TO EVERYONE who was there or could not come because of his preoccupation but signaled back. The presentation was recorded by the press department of the academy and will be available soon.
The great interest also gives me further strength to consider the representation of science as a task as a member of the Academy, within this I try to increase the appearance, display, recognition and weight of earth science! This is what this recognition means to me!

a compilation of photos from the chair-taking performance can be seen here: https://www.flickr.com/ph…/mtasajto/albums/72157712771833791 "

Congratulations Szabolcs!