Lecture by Szabolcs Harangi in Chile

The Volcanism in Central Andes conference and field trip will be held in Chile from 23 September to 10 October 2019.

The detailed interrelationships of past geological processes can be understood by the researchers if their scientific results are presented and discussed in the widest possible forum. The study of phenomena in active volcanic areas may also provide a new key for deciphering past events. All this leads to the most accurate possible forecast of future processes!

The active participation of research team members in conferences in many countries around the world contributes greatly to effectiveness. At a conference organized at the Universidad Católica del Notre in Antofagasta on 24.09.2019, the audience listened to a presentation by Szabolcs Harangi entitled "The nature and reactivation of long dormant volcanoes - the case of the Ciomadul Volcano in Eastern-Central Europe".

The field workshop will certainly enrich the research work with lifelong experience and invaluable knowledge!