Step-by-step geology: The volcanoes of the Carpathian Basin

The film of Szabolcs Mosonyi will be screened in the Ceremonial Hall of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences on November 6, 2019 at 18:00. Entry is subject to registration, which expires on November 6.

A film about the volcanic activity of the Carpathian Basin

Glowing lava streams fluttering on the side of volcanoes, bubbling lava lakes, lava fireworks illuminating the night sky. Therefore, for the sight, we could even travel to distant landscapes, but now we would rather call on our imagination and jump back in time by approx. 15 million years. We already find ourselves on an island that seems to be a paradise of a shallow subtropical sea, where a volcano more than 1000 meters high rises high from the rich vegetation - Börzsöny, which was living in its heyday. Guided by a geologist detective in the series Step-by-Step Geology, the episode revolves around the characteristic volcanoes of the Carpathian Basin and unravels the secrets trapped in the rocks. We can find out why this was one of the most active volcanic areas on Earth right now, and what the landscape we now live in may have been like.

Szabolcs Mosonyi, the director of the film
Szabolcs Harangi is a volcanologist and a corresponding member of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences