Péter Gál

PHd student
Research areas
Results of the geochronological, petrological and geochemical re-examination of the Bagolyhegy Metariolith Formation
Németh, N., Kristály, F., Gál, P., Móricz, F., Lukács, R.: Metavolcanic formations in the Paraautochthonous Triassic successions of the Bükk Mts, NE Hungary International Journal of Earth Sciences, p. 24 (2023)
Gál, P.; Németh, N.; Szakáll, S.; Zajzon, N.; Fehér, B.; Dunkl, I.: Nb–Ta mineralization in Ti-oxide minerals from the Bagolyhegy Metarhyolite Formation (Bükk Mountains, NE Hungary) Central European Geology, vol. 65., Issue 1., (2022)
Lukács, R., Harangi, Sz., Gál, P., Szepesi, J., Di Capua, A., Norini, G., Sulpizio, R., Groppelli G., Fodor, L.: Formal definition and description of lithostratigraphic units related to the Miocene silicic pyroclastic rocks outcropping in Northern Hungary: A revision Geologica Carpathica, 2022 April, 73, 2, p. 137–158. (2022)
Di Capua A.; Barilaro F.; Szepesi J.; Lukács R.; Gál P.; Norini G.; Sulpizio R.; Soós I.; Harangi Sz.; Groppelli G.: Correlating volcanic dynamics and the construction of a submarine volcanogenic apron: An example from the Badenian (Middle Miocene) of North-Eastern Hungary MARINE AND PETROLEUM GEOLOGY (0264-8172 1873-4073): 104944. Paper, 126 p. (2021)